LÄRARE (2020)

Héctor Corona & Silvina Machado (Buenos Aires)

Dessa världskändisar var hos oss i Ås på en festival för 10 år sedan. Vi har försökt få hit dem igen men det har alltid sammanfallit med deras Asienturnéer. Nu har vi lyckats ytterligare en gång, så det blir "favorit i repris"!

Héctor och Silvina har undervisat i 20 år tillsammans och gjort många värdsturnéer. Förutom i Ås har de bland annat varit i Köpenhamn, Malmö, Stockholm, Uppsala, Gävle och Umeå.

Om Héctor & Silvina

Héctor and Silvina started to work together in the year 1999. He already had a background as Tango dancer, she had a classic and modern dance formation. 
In the year 2001 they moved to Germany, where they stayed to work for 3 years in a row. In 2004 their professional career continued in Argentina, in the metropolis Buenos Aires. They formed part of the beginning of the dance studio and company DNI Tango, and stayed with them up to the year 2008. Last years they were teaching in ETBA Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires. Currently they reside in Germany,  working in the Tango studio Esquina del Tango of Erfurt.

During the last 12 years they have been on several  international tours, participating in important festivals and workshops in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, France and Hong Kong.

During the years Hector & Silvina have built up a rich teaching experience. In their classes they show knowledge and practice of modern tango, closed embrace, milonga and the vals. They express their knowledge in an understandable way, thereby facilitating the interaction with the students.

In their shows, Hector and Silvina show the essence of the traditional tango with the closed embrace in a fusion with the complexity of the modern tango, with a masterful musicality.

Read more at www.hectorysilvina.net 

DJ:s (2020)

Vi har två europaturnerande DJ:s som nu kommer hit till Ås. Theo gjorde succé här  2018 och Deborah längtar vi nu på att få hit efter att ha hört hur bra hon spelar!

Theo ger även en dubbellektion i DJ:andet, förra gången 2018 blev mycket uppskattad.

Theo Chatzipetros (Italy)

He offers traditional music with tandas and cortinas from the period between the late twenties to the late fifties.

His goal is to create a rhythmic wave for dancers to enjoy during the whole milonga, ranging from orchestras, singers, rhythm and period of recording dates. He pays particular attention to the dance floor, and adapt the selection of music according to the atmosphere and the mood of the dancers.

Since 2010 he has been given DJ workshops and after the success 2017 in 'Vinterfestivalen i Ås' regarding both playing and teaching.
Theo is so very welcome to his second cooperation with us.

Deborah Segantini (alias Almabruja) (Italy)

She plays a selection of traditional music that mostly ranges from the thirties to fifties. Some favourites are De Caro, Laurenz, Tipica Victor and Pugliese. Depending on the atmosphere there can be some modern tandas, mixed tandas, some older music, chacarera and even swing.

She construct tandas from a dancer’s point of view according to the interpretation of the messages coming from the dance floor, in the belief that there is a constant communication between DJ and the dancers.

She plays with a dual purpose: to free the largest number of chairs in the room and to satisfy the ears of those who, by will, fatigue or bad luck, remain seated.