Virginia Vasconi och Julio Balmaceda (Buenos Aires)

Dessa världskändisar var här på den förra vinterfestivalen 2018 och blev så populära att vi nu tar hit dem igen. "Favoriter i repris"!
Dessförinnan så har de varit i Sverige tidigare också:
Virginia Vasconi är känd hos oss i Sverige från sommaren 2015 på festivalerna i Sundsvall och Halmstad.
Julio Balmaceda är känd hos oss i Sverige från Tangocamp-festivalerna i Tylösand, Grekland, etc..

Om Virginia och Julio

Julio and Virginia started to dance together in 2015. As a result of their different backgrounds, they have created a unique style recognized for their interpretation of the music and their dynamic. They combine elegance with technique and elasticity with strength to create the perfect ingredients for beautiful, passionate and talented tango.

Julio learned his first tango steps from his father, the legendery Miguel Balmaceda. For many years he accompanied and assisted his father in tango practices and after his death in 1991, Julio took over the classes and he has since then continously been teaching at the most prestigious tango schools in Buenos Aires. Between 1996 and 2015 he was performing and teaching together with Corina de la Rosa at all the major tango events in the world. He is considered as one of the most important tango teachers due to his unique style and pedagogy and was early creating a unique style by adding new tango trends to the traditional elegance of the 'tango salón'. Julio combines fluency, subtlety, energy and dynamics, together with a unique interpretation of the music. The naturalness, quality and musicality make his dance and his walk a synonym of tango.

Virginia took her first dance steps in her mother's gym at age five and later she studied classical ballet and artistic gymnastics. She graduated as a translator of English at the Faculty of Languages in the Province of Cordoba. She is a Jazz dance teacher, proficient in Latin rhythms, stretching, classical ballet and contemporary dance. She started with Tango in 2008 and immediately became a member of the famous DNI Dance Company and School until 2015. She has performed in the most prestigious milongas and theatres of Buenos Aires and she has performed and taught in international festivals around Europe, North America and Asia. Currently, she continues her training in yoga, modern dance, stretching, ballet, and theatre in order to enhance her skills as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.


(Uppdateras snart när vi har ny info)

Vi har två europaturnerande DJ:s som nu äntligen kommer hit till Ås!

Carlos Goiach (Italy)

Carlos Goiach is an internationally known tango DJ from Argentina who lives in Oldenburg, Germany. Since 1999 he has been DJing at milongas all over Europe. His choice of music attracts the most fastidious dancers. He combines the finest and best songs from mostly the 'Epoca de Oro' making an infinite joyous adventure for the dancers. Through many years of intensive study of tango music and its history his collection of tango music is extensive.

Stefano Xavier Cucinelli (Rom, Italy)

Stefano is an italian dancer and DJ who began his musical carreer in 2011. He has been playing at numerous tango events mostly in Italy but also in north Africa and the Middle East. During his sets he tries to propose music waves that keeps the dancers on the floor, and making them getting up even when they are tired. He proposes a repertoire based on the 'Epoca de Oro' without forgetting the 'Guardia Vieja', also with some raids even from later periods.