Welcome to our Winterfestival in Ås/Östersund 5-7 February 2016!

Get ready for snow!

The 25th tango festival in Ås

Martin Nymann Pedersen & Anna Sol (Copenhagen/Malmö)
DJ Luca Lamberti (Rome) and DJ Tugba Tanören (Berlin/Malmö)


  • 1 DJ lessons
  • 6 dance classes
  • 22 hours milonga
  • 15 possibilities for private lessons
  • Masters show
  • Snow sculpture by Edwin Böck
  • Food service all time
  • Jamtland buffet!

The welcome dinner starts at 16:30 pm on Friday and the goodbye milonga ends at 5 pm on Sunday.

2 day and 2 night milongas

The grand milonga is on Saturday night with the fabulous "Jamtland buffet", containing traditional dishes from the region, and the amazing masters show around midnight.

Lunches and snacks are served during the festival, and you will get help with transportation and private accommodation or recommendations for hotels, hostels or camping cottages.

Print file:

We have collected everything for you in a pdf-file: Invitation, Registration information, Festival program, Lessons schedule, Tango treat.
Print out your 'Total information file'


Ås is 10 km from Östersund (with train and airport), the heart of the greatest winter sport region in Sweden.

Extraordinary opportunities for cross country and downhill skiing, ice rink skating, long distance tour skating, track skating etc.



  • festival@tangojamt.com
  • +46 (0)70 224 84 32

For further information visit: www.tangojamt.com

Registration information

Register before Monday 1 February! From Wednesday 6 January, all registered singles will be divided into even couples according to their registration date.

Registration form:
(choses via the registration form, the button below)

  • “Festivalpaket” – It includes all 4 milongas, “coffee ticket”, 3 meals, the Jamtland buffet. (Also note if you want vegetarian alternatives to the meals, and if any allergies to foods.)
  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons

A confirming mail will be sent directly after your registration.


  • “Festivalpaket” 1100 SEK
  • Grouplessons 220 SEK

Discount for “long distant travelers”. 50 SEK discount for all who have been traveling longer than 100 km, and who is taking part in at least one class!

Bank transfer payment. When your choices are confirmed we will send you a mail with the total cost and payment information. Preferably the fee is pre-paid to our bank account. Please bring a receipt of your payment to the check-in!

Cash payment. Payment on-site must be in cash (SEK), since we do not handle credit cards. Please bring even money! The closest cash machines are in Krokom 10 km west, and Östersund 10 km east, of Ås.

No invoicing. Receipt is given on request.

Check-in at ‘Ås Föreningshus’ is open:

  • 17:00 – 17:45 and at 21:30 – 22:00
  • 12:00 – 12:30 and at 19:30 – 21:30

Private lessons:
Registration is made as single or couple via the registration form. Cash payment must be made in Euro directly to the teacher. Times and places for the private lessons are in the lesson schedule.

  • Martin, Anna: Singel: 600 SEK/hour
  • Tugba: Singel/ couple: 600/ 800 SEK/hour
  • Luca: Singel/ couple: 60 €/hour
Further information:

Please be sure you understand the registration options before proceding to the registration page.