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Tangofestivalen i Ås: Virginia Vasconi & Juan Cupini från Buenos Aires

JUAN CUPINI & VIRGINIA VASCONI. Juan is one of the most prominent and renowed stage tango dancers in Buenos Aires and Virginia is one of the biggest names and prestigious Tango Salon de Pista teachers around the world.

Virginia was a member of the famous DNI tango school between the years 2008-2015 and started 2015 to teach and perform together with the famous Julio Balmaceda. Both 2018 and 2019 we had the honour to have Julio & Virginia at our winter festival. In the autumn of 2019 Julio tragically passed away.

Juan and Virginia have created a new style, based on the connection in the embrace. Their distinctive characteristic is the combination of Salon and Stage in a perfect fitting with the music.

Their sharpness, legs work, intensity, flowing and passionate dancing creates their main essence as a tango couple.

Videoklipp (YouTube)

LUCA LAMBERTI. Luca is a well known tango DJ, teacher and dancer from Rome. He has been around in many countries spreading his unique spiritual approach to tango. We are happy to have him here for the third time.

SALVO D'URSO. Salvo is a very popular DJ from Catania. He has combined teaching activities with tango DJ'ing in parallel and has contributed to many festivals all around in Italy. As a teacher, he works permanently in Catania and Messina.